The Band

The Band Consists of five on-stage performers and a FOH Engineer

The first three are the surviving members of “Cactus Jack and The Cadillacs”
Tom (40 Years), Mike (40 Years), and Joe (16 Years)

Tom “The Bopper” Oliver
Guitar / Vocals

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Tom moved to Maitland, FL (just north of Orlando) in 1960.  He started playing in bands at the age of 13, performing the Junior High dance at the Maitland Civic Center Sept 16, 1966.  He didn’t turn 14 for two more weeks.
In 1969, he formed his first band with Jim “Cactus Jack” Stanley.  They formed “Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs” in 1983, which continued until Jim’s passing in 2023.

When not playing guitar and singing, Tom programs computers and now, web sites

Mike “The Professor” Parker
Keyboards / Vocals

From: Miami, Florida: ” The Professor” , a founding member of the ancestral group “Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs” had been the band’s primary stabilizing factor for 40 years.  A (now retired) educator, Mike has all the organizational skills to have kept things together all these decades.  With a degree in music from University of Miami, Mike is the chief architect for most of the group’s uniquely-styled musical arrangements and vocal stacking. Playing Piano, Organ, Synth, along with precise background vocals and percussion. “The Professor” brings it all together ensuring that the show has no musical gaps.  

FACTOID: Mike has a “thing” about helping people gain knowledge and skills they’ll need for the future

Joe “Mighty Joe” Adcock
Drums / Vocals

Mighty Joe Adcock is a 15-year veteran of Cactus Jack and the Cadillacs, the original iteration from which Band Behavior sprang.  Born in Saint Joseph, Michigan, Joe started playing at an early age and joined his first garage band before he was a teenager.  Playing his first local bar gig at 14 and playing a Disney theme park at 17, Joe is a consummate music lover who found his gift and is pleased to share it with fellow music aficionados, whether they be on or off stage.  Many performances down the road, Joe continues to hone his craft for the enjoyment of all who come within earshot of his stage. Mighty Joe is the primal energy, incessant groove monster, and dynamic driver that makes the Band Behavior dance floor churn, turn, & burn.

FACTOID: When not behind a drum set, Joe might be behind the wheel of a semi tractor-trailer, hauling 40 tons of ice cream or doughnuts