More Band

The remainder of the on-stage performers are our outstanding new additions:  Harry Nino and Jim Young
And then there is our FOH Engineer and Technician “Tube Amp Curt” who has been with Tom, Mike, and Joe since the beginning…

Jim “Slappy” Young
Bass / Vocals

Jim is the “Energizer Bunny” of the band.

Jim has been a professional musician since his teenage years. After studying classical music at Florida State University, he hitched his wagon to Disney World. Having played everything from Mozart to polkas to country and jazz, he even spent a few years as the token gringo for the Senor Frogs franchise band, The Rolling Frogs. He’s also taught music for the last 25 years. Fun(ny) fact, at one point the new wave band, A Flock of Seagulls, offered him the bass chair. 

When he’s not slappin’ strings, Jim can be found wrestling with a Dremel and some mahogany or purple heart, making something out of nothing.

Harry “Harry O” Nino
Guitar / Vocals

From: NYC, New York: Harry grew up in a section of Harlem, home of entertainers like Frankie Limon (and the Teenagers), Jimmy Jones, the “Handyman” himself, actors Freddy Prinze, character actor John Randolph, and even Tiny Tim.

Intrigued by the lifestyle, Harry started playing guitar at the age of 13.  He turned professional at the age of 17 and never looked back.

Harry O loves to cook. At any given time, you might find him in the kitchen cookin’, singin’ and smilin’ with a glass of red!

“Tube Amp” Curt Coniglio

We really do need an updated picture.  That monster console is reduced to a 4U rack component and a pair of touch-screen displays.  The drive rack shown on the left now contains the 32×16 mixer with more effects, limiters, compressors, and equalizers than that whole rack used to contain.  Also in that rack are a 32 channel splitter, 4 sets of wireless IEMs, wireless  mic system, Ethernet router, AVB switch, long-range access point, and more.

FACTOID:  When not mixing sound or inventing gadgets for the audio system, Curt repairs and reconditions tube amps.  He actually built a hand-wired 1964 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp for “The Bopper”.  The construction was authentic to the point of cloth-insulated wire, and New-Old-Stock tubes from the 1960s.